Payer Impact

Evaluating real-world scenarios by payer line of business

Biopharmaceutical companies go through painstaking attempts to demonstrate economic viability of new drugs through budget impact models. Yet payers are skeptical of pharma-produced budget impact models and do not use them.


Traditional budget impact models rarely reflect

  • All costs and cost offsets of a new drug
  • Incentives and constraints of different payer segments

Payers do not trust pharma-produced budget impact
models and do not use them

Pharma budget impact timeframe (1–2 yrs) is not aligned
to payer concern regarding peak use of the drug

RE’s solution

Comprehensive, nuanced, segment specific

  • Covers all major costs and offsets (e.g., impact of OOP on scripts filled, couponing)
  • Evaluates economic incentives and constraints by line-of-business

Vetted by payers

Transparent, flexible, updated

Includes scenario builder

Why commission a Payer Impact assessment?

  • Understand economic impact and incentives by payer line-of-business
  • Test effect of varying contracting strategies
  • Inform payer/manufacturer negotiations