Roger Longman, Founder and Chairman

Mr. Longman is recognized as an expert in biopharmaceutical strategy and reimbursement and often speaks at key industry events organized by important trade organizations, investment banks, venture capital firms, and leading biopharma companies.  His most recent focus has been on new value-based approaches to paying for drugs and diagnostics, harnessing tools and systems for objective, transparent analysis of drug value and economic impact.  He is developing these initiatives in collaboration with major provider, payer, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, and patient organizations.

Mr. Longman has been involved with the health-care industry for more than 30 years.  At his first venture, Windhover Information, he and his team created a number of industry-standard analytical sources, including must-read strategy publications such as IN VIVO and Start-Up, the strategic transactions database and a major conference business for senior executives.  The business was acquired by Elsevier where for two years Longman ran the company’s pharmaceutical business information group.

Mr. Longman lectures regularly at several leading universities and co-directed the Wharton-Windhover pharmaceutical program at The Wharton School. Mr. Longman completed his BA at Cornell University and MA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, then taught for three years at the European division of the University of Maryland.

Our Team

Jeffrey Berkowitz

CEO and Director

Mr. Berkowitz is one of the rare top executives whose career has spanned most key verticals in global healthcare -- with executive committee and....

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Susan Raiola


Susan Raiola is the President of Real Endpoints. Ms. Raiola has over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical consulting...

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Roger Longman

Founder and Chairman

Mr. Longman is recognized as an expert in biopharmaceutical strategy and reimbursement and often speaks at key...

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Norman Selby

Founder and Vice Chairman

Norman C. Selby has spent 35 years in the healthcare world in a variety of consulting, managerial, investor and Board roles...

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Jane F. Barlow, MD, MPH, MBA

EVP & Chief Clinical Officer

Jane Barlow is a clinical and strategic executive with over 25 years of healthcare leadership...

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Beth Nash, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Beth Nash is Chief Medical Officer at Real Endpoints, where her team of pharmacists and biostatisticians has developed...

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Jane Borne, RPh

VP, Pharmacy

Jane Borne, RPh, is responsible for ensuring the clinical credibility and evidence basis of all RE drug evaluation activities...

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Dirk Soutendijk

Principal Consultant

Dirk Soutendijk is a highly thought of Market Access Consultant within the BioPharmeutical Industry.  He has successfully developed and implemented....

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Amy Steinkellner, PharmD

Senior Consultant

Amy Steinkellner, PharmD, has worked with the Real Endpoint team since 2012. She serves as senior clinical advisor to the research...

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Robert Galvin, MD

Dr. Robert Galvin is the Chief Executive Officer of Equity Healthcare (EH), which oversees the management of health care for firms...

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Michael Sherman, MD

Dr. Michael Sherman serves as Chief Medical Officer and senior vice president for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care...

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Dennis Purcell

Dennis is the Founder, Senior Advisor, and previous Senior Managing Partner of Aisling Capital LLC.,  a leading investment firm...

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Linda Blackerby

Linda has been serving as the President of Pharma Intelligence at Informa since May 2015, overseeing an income statement...

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Arthur Pappas (Observer)

Art has over 30 years of experience as a pharmaceutical industry executive and venture capital investor in...

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