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2Q 2018 Access Meter Report

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Real Endpoints brings a wide range of strategic and operational market access solutions to our clients.

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Real Endpoints is a thought leader within the pharmaceutical industry. We actively publish and lead panels and are frequently quoted in the press.

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Must Sky-High Prices ‘Come on Down’ Before the Price Is Right?

by Richard Mark Kirkner

The first gene therapy to treat an inherited disease is out of the gate, but with a very high price tag. Many more gene therapies are on their way. How can they be priced to hit the sweet spot of affordability, access, and innovation?

July 25, 2018

Managed Care

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Safer Harbor

by Steve Usdin

FDA guidance released on June 12 broadens a safe harbor that allows medical product manufacturers to communicate with payers, PBMs, formulary committees and similar entities. A primary goal is to make it easier to base payments on outcomes not mentioned on product labels, but there could be broader effects in the loosened restrictions oncommunications between medical product developers and payers.

June 15, 2018


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REPC Webinar: The Maturation of the Value-Based Deal

Roger Longman
Jane Barlow, MD

Real Endpoints LLC

We’ve seen an explosion of value-based deals: from 10 in 2015-2016 to 25 from 2017 to Q1 2018 (and we’re on pace for 30+ this year), according to the Real Endpoints database. But we’ve also had the time to see which deals from 2015-16 haven’t worked — and why. We will take a candid look at what’s worked and what hasn’t worked in value-based agreements -- as well as preview the drugs coming to market in 2018 that could benefit from value-based agreements.

May 17, 2018
12:00pm ET

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29th Annual Cancer Progress Conference

Panelist: Roger Longman

Real Endpoints LLC

Value & Pricing Redux – Does the Song Remain the Same?

May 8, 2018
4:15pm ET

New York, NY

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Recent Insights

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July 2, 2018

Defining access potential – Before it’s too late

Confirmation bias: when innovators believe in a drug, find the evidence to support its value, and dismiss or ignore the facts challenging their preferred story. Industry and its investors need a clear, objective lens through which they can burn away confirmation bias and see the likely access barriers their drugs will face once approved

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June 18, 2018

Depression Rising (Again): Turning the Corner in Psychiatry’s Most Burdensome Disorder

For all of the millions who suffer from depression, the biological underpinnings of clinical depression are still not fully understood. With several high profile approval decisions and possible launches on the horizon, the stage is thus set for an emerging commercial case characterized by a new wave of effective anti-depressants, an increasingly influential assortment of payers and practitioners with generic but often ineffectual pharmacotherapy options at their disposal, and of course patients with an unabating level of need and strikingly high placebo response-rates. How will it play out?

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