Our solutions address your needs across the different product lifecycle phases.

Patient Support Services

Maximize patient access to therapy

  • Needs assessment, independent evaluation, benchmarking and advisory services
  • 360◦ stakeholder analysis
  • Lifecycle management
  • Track and monitor performance over time
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Pricing and Contracting Strategies

From launch through patent expiry

  • Cost/value strategies across the spectrum including rare/orphan and cell & gene therapy
  • Product reimbursement planning, formulary strategies, rebates & discounts
  • Payer insights into coverage and reimbursement relative to price
  • Forecasting and analytics
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RE Marketplace

Pharma and Payer access to efficient innovative contracting and analytics for rare & orphan medical benefit drugs

  • Increased market share through aggregated access to smaller payers
  • Facilitates patient access through standardized coverage; no last-minute scramble to define distribution/ payment/process
  • Payers pay for drugs that work (and less for those that don’t)
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Payer Marketing and Value Propositions

A clear and persuasive value story with credible support drives payer adoption

  • Value story development & validation
  • Target product profile development
  • Payer segmentation and engagement
  • Independent, credible cost effectiveness evaluation
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Rare and Orphan Therapy Insights

End-to-end integrated approaches to smooth the process to coverage

  • Define value and develop the value proposition
  • Craft an effective pricing strategy
  • Define, negotiate, and monitor innovative contracts
  • Assess the kind and level of patient support services that make all the difference
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Innovative Contracting

Align contracting to value to incent reimbursement wins for patients, payers, and pharma.

  • Define the products, relevant endpoints, and contract structures that work
  • Identify and introduce pharma to the health plans best suited to these deals
  • Negotiate the agreements
  • Deliver objective, trusted third party management of the analytics and financial reconciliation
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Market Access Organizational Development

Optimize organizational design and capabilities to manage an ever-evolving and increasingly complex marketplace

  • Optimize the structure, design and interdependencies
  • Benchmark and evaluate to identify/improve areas of competitive weakness
  • Develop and codify “ways of working” and governance processes to improve decision making and performance
  • Enhance account training and strategic planning to improve customer engagement
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Advisory & Market Research

Strategic insights and recommendations informed by custom research (quant/qual) & advanced analytics

  • Unlock insights from RE’s network of expert thought leaders
  • Conduct custom research to optimize pricing, contracting and market access strategy for launch and established brands
  • Monitor and evaluate key environmental trends impacting healthcare delivery
  • Benchmark organizational design, competencies and effectiveness to improve operations and customer engagement
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