Hub Excellence™

A Reimbursement Intelligence Product

Patient services programs are increasingly influential

Navigating onerous reimbursement processes can be difficult for both healthcare practices and patients. Addressing this challenge thoughtfully and effectively can have a substantial impact on the commercial success of your drug.

Key issues addressed

How does my program stack up
vs. competitors?

What are my customers’ biggest pain
points and how can I better address

Which elements have the greatest
influence on initial product selection?

Impact of strong patient service program

Reduce stress for patients and

Help staff navigate medication process

Improve patient adherence

Reduce time to fulfillment

Featured Case Study

Hub ExcellenceTM analysis of patient services programs revealed a significant gap


A biotech company commissioned a Hub Excellence diagnostic six months after significant program enhancements.


  • Quantitative online survey followed by in-depth interviews with users of HCP and patient services
  • Analyzed customer challenges and expectations, awareness, and prioritization of program elements


Only 3% aware of “no income restriction” aspect of co-pay program.

Survey respondents indicated that co-pay programs and patient assistance are by far the leading program elements contributing to initial product selection.

The client had, in fact, removed all income restrictions from its co-pay program six months prior.

Yet, only 3% of survey respondents were aware of the “no income restriction” aspect, despite significant investment in the design and rollout of the enhanced co-pay program.



Client called emergency
meeting for entire sales
force and told them to
make the co-pay program
a top talking point.


Reimbursement Intelligence
helped refine messaging and
communication materials.


Reimbursement Intelligence
plans to repeat Hub Excellence
analysis to:

  • Measure impact of changes
  • Retest customer perceptions
  • Monitor competitor developments

Why commission a Hub Excellence assessment with Real Endpoints?

100% focused on market access

  • We know the leading edge patient services programs across therapeutic areas
  • We have a substantial network of patient services customers
  • We monitor payer and policy developments through Real Endpoints’ Payer Council

Drive to specific, actionable insights

  • Benchmark your program vs. competitors’ and identify gaps
  • Capture your customers’ perspective
  • Segment data to create solutions tailored by specialty and practice type
  • Prioritize spending and demonstrate ROI for your program