Reimbursement iQ™

A Reimbursement Intelligence Product

Optimizing the effectiveness of your customer-facing representatives

The clock is ticking. Your customer-facing reps have limited time with customers. Are they focusing on the most important topics? Using appropriate materials? Projecting confidence in key areas?

Reimbursement iQTM Diagnostic

Assess Customer-Facing Representatives

Types of customer-facing representatives assessed: sales force, account managers, reimbursement support, MSLs, nurses etc.


  • How can I maximize the impact of my customer-facing representatives?
  • Are my reps focusing on key customer pain points?
  • What support can a customer-facing rep provide that will have the greatest influence on initial product selection?


  • Identify perception gaps between customers and customer-facing reps
  • Pinpoint limitations in service and knowledge


  • Create and implement roadmap
  • Example solutions include:
– Reprioritize topics
– Revamp messaging
– Ensure correct tools are used
– Address knowledge gaps
– Update communication materials

Featured Case Study

Reimbursement iQ™ analysis revealed untapped opportunities to influence initial product selection


A top 5 pharma company commissioned a Reimbursement iQ™ diagnostic to get external feedback from customers about their challenges and what they seek in gold standard insurance support.


  • Analyzed reimbursement support services most likely to influence initial product selection: customer’s response vs. representative’s anticipation of customer’s response
  • Measured overall performance vs. competitors


Top Ranked Reimbursement Support Service Influencing Initial Product Selection

Assuming clinical equivalency across products



Present Reimbursement iQ™  results (customer vs. representative responses and competitive assessment)


Develop and deliver live POA workshop for pre-call planning, messaging, and resource utilization


  • Develop and provide a district manager coaching guide for sustainment of capabilities
  • Reassess behaviors and capabilities in six months to determine impact

Why commission a Reimbursement iQ™ with Real Endpoints?

100% focused on market access

  • We understand your customers and their difficulties
  • We know leading-edge practices across a broad range of therapeutic areas
  • We have a network of 2000+ reimbursement service users from physician practices and IDNs
  • We stay close to payer and policy developments through our Payer Council

Maximize your team’s singular impact and create measurable results

  • Identify perception misalignment (customers vs. your team)
  • Comprehensively assess your representatives’ knowledge, resources, messaging and effort level
  • Benchmark performance across teams and vs. competition
  • Verify the impact of changes made via periodic pulse checks