Unique insight into assessing drug value

RxScorecard offers the first and only tool to assess the value of marketed and pipeline drugs from a payer’s point of view. Faced with increasing market access challenges, manufacturers must strengthen value differentiation for new drugs from a payer perspective to obtain favorable reimbursement. Payers seek an objective, transparent tool to help assess the relative value of emerging and existing therapies, and inform formulary and UM policies.

RxScorecard Mock-up

  • Evidence-based and fully transparent
  • Comprehensive and built at the sub-population level
  • Updated to reflect new data
  • Scenario builder models future data and market shifts
  • Reflects value for different stakeholders
  • Customized

COPD: Gold Stages 3 & 4

Note: Weightings reflect payer viewpoint; illustrative example for one COPD drug.

Clinical Efficacy

Domain Weight 40%

Element Weighted Score
Forced Expiratory Volume in One Second (FEV1) 2.7
Exacerbation 8.5
Lung Function Rate of Decline 0.0

Safety and Use

Domain Weight 30%

Element Weighted Score
Adherence (Convenience) 5.0
Adherence (Discontinuation Rate) 2.5
(Route of Administration)
Monitoring 2.5
Adverse Events (Overall) 4.5
Targeting 0.0


Domain Weight 30%

Element Weighted Score
Price per Average Course of Therapy 6.3
Near-Term Market Competition 1.9
Potential for Off-Label and Unproven Use 2.5
Costs Offsets 0.7
Switching Costs 2.0

MANUFACTURERS use RxScorecard to:

  • Inform value-based contracts
  • Guide evidence generation and prioritize sub-populations
  • Identify go/no-go thresholds
  • Benchmark opportunities across countries
  • Assess payer perspective by segment
  • Align internal stakeholders

PAYERS use RxScorecard to:

  • Inform value-based contracts
  • Assess value of emerging drugs via a systematic comparative review
  • Provide P&T with transparent, objective drug assessments
  • Inform formulary policy and utilization management decisions

Featured Case Study


  • Biotechnology company with an early phase drug sought to challenge an entrenched competitor


  • Leveraged RxScorecard to assess value of client’s asset vs. leading competitor across several sub-populations


  • Range of findings around relative differentiation by subpopulation, the influence of different drug attributes, development gaps, etc.
  • In the chronic kidney disease (CKD) population, standard-of care (SOC) Drug A scores substantially worse vs. New Drug B on four safety elements
  • As a result, the value of New Drug B was substantially differentiated vs. the incumbent in the CKD sub-population

Example: Population with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Example: Population with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)



Client is overhauling development plans and market approach to address identified opportunities.


Client is incorporating RE’s input into ongoing partnership discussions.